Introducing Barnette Holston


We would like to introduce you to Barnette Holston, the man behind the great fashion blog DC Fashion. Together have we developed new looks for Welldressed.

The first of his looks has been released today! And is now available inside the WellDressed app.


Barnette Holston

Barnette Holston a man with love for fashion and a eye for detail. Ever since he picked up his first GQ magazine at the age of twelve, his love for fashion began. He started working in the fashion retail and his love for fashion continued grow. He started a fashion blog that is based on men’s lifestyle and fashion. he want to prove to men that they do nothave to fear fashion. On his fashion blog DC fashion he shows his keen sense of style through his wonderful photography and well-travelled lifestyle. His approach to style? Be yourself, don’t try to hard and enjoy wearing your outfit!


The look

Together we have developed our first look, this colorful smart casual look is a wonderful well dressed look for outside work. This elegant look give you attention on the streets. The blazer not only gives you the appearance but also adds a protective layer, this look is easy to pull off. It can work in the fall and it also a nice transition into the winter. the key to keeping it fresh is to make sure the entire look is well fitting. And a well tailored blazer will help keep this traditional look modern and fresh. This look is a must for men who still want to rock strong and vibrant colors in fall and winter.

We hope you will like this new look, and give it a try in WellDressed!

For more information on Barnette Holston you can find them at the following links:


About WellDressed

You can use WellDressed to learn more about how to apply a look like this on yourself, it’s peculiarities, and where to find pieces in your budget range. If you do not have WellDressed yet, you can download the app through the link on the left, or visit the AppStore here.

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